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Subject: O-S-D Published: draft-sstc-protocols-00

A New Oasis-SSTC-Draft is available from the on-line SSTC document repository.
This draft is a work item of the Core Assertions & Protocols subcommittee.

        Title    : SAML Protocols
        Author(s): Tim Moses
        Filenames: draft-sstc-protocols-00.doc
        Date     : 10- Apr- 2001

The basic data objects of the SAML protocol model are "Assertions"
and "References" (to Assertions). Assertions are of two different
types: "authentication" and "attribute". The resulting four data
objects, in their current versions, are represented in the SAML
namespace. Syntax definitions for the various types of assertion can
be found elsewhere.

URLs for this Oasis-SSTC-Draft are:


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Oasis SSTC Editors

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