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security-editors message

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Subject: Re: Fwd: [session]: Updated dynamic session doc

thanks for forwarding Dynamic-Session-2001-05-10.doc to security-editors this
morn, Eve. It was on my list to discuss with DaveO anyways. 

I feel the doc needs to be "cleaned up" before it is placed into..


..and announced. To me, this list includes (for this specific doc's present

* removing the jamcracker-specific stuff from the first page
* fix broken "last updated" date on cover
* change filename to something closer to our doc guidelines..


   for example..

  draft-sstc-sessions-dynamic-00.doc  (we start numbering at 00 when a new 
                                       filename is created)

* place said filename in doc (header/footer a la draft-sstc-core-06.pdf is
* submit both .doc & .pdf to security-editors@lists.oasis-open.org



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