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Subject: O-S-D Published: draft-sstc-sessions-dynamic-00

A New Oasis-SSTC-Draft is available from the on-line SSTC document repository.
This draft is a work item of the "Sessions Considerations" subcommittee.

	Title    : Dynamic Session Specification Working Draft
	Author(s): D. Orchard, G. Pilz
	Filenames: draft-sstc-sessions-dynamic-00.doc
	Date     : 10-May-2001


This document provides a framework for specific interactions around session
management to occur between a provider of a session and a consumer of a session.
A typical use of this is for the synchronization of a single sign-on assertion.
It addresses the needs of single sign-off, single time-out, and single maintain
session. This is termed dynamic sessions.

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Oasis SSTC Editors

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