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Subject: Fwd: OASIS - Technology Services memo 25.5.01.a

How do we feel about having OASIS actually author our committee's web 
pages?  I tend to edit them on a weekly basis, so I think it's better for 
us to do it ourselves.


>Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 14:48:15 -0400
>From: Jeffrey Lomas <jeff.lomas@oasis-open.org>
>Subject: OASIS - Technology Services memo 25.5.01.a
>To: chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
>Cc: office <office@oasis-open.org>
>To:  The Technical Committee Chairs
>From:  OASIS Technology Services Staff
>25 May 2001
>Effective 30 May 2001, 9:00am (est) we will be closing FTP access to the
>OASIS Technical Committees as we transition to the latest version of the
>OASIS website.  The launch for the new OASIS site is scheduled for 1 June
>2001, 9:00 am (est).
>This launch also marks the beginning of a longer period of development and
>service enhancements.  Not the first, but certainly the most obvious, of
>these service enhancements is the offering of dedicated webmastering
>services by the OASIS Technology Services group.  Our aim in offering these
>services is to further fulfill our mission to facilitate the development of
>XML standards through making our knowledge and human resources directly
>available to the Technical Committees.  In doing this, we hope to accelerate
>the document publishing process while giving Technical Committee members
>more time to work on that which is of great value to the community as a
>whole - the standards themselves.  Other benefits include a greater level of
>consistency with the overall OASIS style and improved cross-browser
>Those Technical Committees still wishing to do their own web authoring
>should make it known to Karl Best and myself. Unless you have specifically
>requested to maintain your Technical Committee's web pages, we will be
>disabling ftp access to your Technical Committee and the OASIS Technology
>Services group will assume web authoring responsibility.
>To publish documents Technical Committee Chairs have only to email documents
>to submissions@oasis-open.org in MSWord, PDF, RTF, or ASCII format with
>instructions explaining where the documents or changes should be placed.
>In most cases, documents will be published in less than 24 hours. The
>technical committee homepage will be updated, the new documents will be
>added, and email confirming the completed changes will be sent back to the
>Technical Committee Chair.
>If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Karl Best
>or myself.
>I look forward to addressing you again as new features come online.  Thank
>you for your participation in OASIS.
>Jeffrey Lomas
>Manager - Technology Services
>PO BOX 455
>Billerica, MA 01821
>978.667.5115 x205

OASIS - Technology Services mem

Eve Maler                                             +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Development  eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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