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security-editors message

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Subject: Re: Consensus Use Case doc

> One more try ...

Thanks -- unfortunately my mail tool reacted the same again (details below my
sig, fwtw), but I found the message(s) + attachments intact in the
security-editors archives (whew)..


> The graphics are not broken across 2 pages in the .pdf
> version, but the right side of some of them is truncated.  I don't think I
> can get past that without recreating the graphics - no time to do that right
> now - so people will have to refer to the .html version for the graphics for
> now.

Sigh. You know, I'm inclined to not publish this in this state. If a rendering
of the doc (the .pdf in this case) is broken (I tend to feel that cropped
illustrations render said rendering broken), I don't think it behooves us to
publish it on the SSTC site. Plus, that rendering, as it presently stands,
doesn't indicate it is broken, nor give the reader guidance about where to go
to find an unbroken rendering. I have other nits with the doc, and that's that

* doesn't list contributors and editors
* doesn't display the doc's filename on the first page

(these nits apply to the .html rendering of the doc as well)

I believe it is possible to scale the graphic files without recreating them --
BobB was able to do that somehow in the act of creating
draft-sstc-saml-reqs-00.{doc,pdf} (I'm betting he scaled 'em once the doc was
in Word (.doc) format). I took a look at ArgoUML and it wasn't clear to me that
it provides any real support for scaling graphics output of diagrams. 

I really may be time to bite the bullet and use Word (or StarOffice) to edit
the doc -- we just don't seem to have tools that do full-blown doc
creation/editing natively in .html (I am REALLY coming to understand why we've
been so obstinant in the IETF about using plain ascii text).

So, please fix the doc (both .html and .pdf (if possible)) per the above. We
should definitely publish the .html, but I'd strongly rather not publish the
.pdf if the illustrations are cropped. 



ps: we can't publish right now anyway as it seems the password for the ftp
access to ftp://oasis-open.org/committees/security no longer works (or
something else is wrong tonight). 

pps: I suspect there is some MIME-based interoperability problem between the
tool you're using to send that message (it looks like it's MS's Internet Mail
Service) and my mail tool (Netscape Communicator 4.73's "Messenger" component,
in this case). The message you send is received intact, but Messenger refuses
to render the message body in any of it's windows -- all I can see and
manipulate is the message header. If I save the message to a file, I can then
observe the entire 576kb of message header+content -- and all seems nominally
fine -- so I have no idea about what all is going on here. I note that when you
used Outlook to send a message with an attachment, Messenger handled it fine. 

In anycase, the msg and attachments are available in the archives, as I noted

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