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security-leaders message

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Subject: Notes from 13 March security-leaders telecon


- Eve
- Krishna
- Phil
- Darren
- Tim
- Jeremy
- Prateek (joined at :30)

At 03:49 PM 3/9/01 -0500, Eve L. Maler wrote:
>- Nailing down a schedule for the whole project

Darren's subgroup schedule: Each round of balloting takes about two weeks, 
and they have two more to go.  They will be ready with Strawman #5 by F2F 
#2.  That means they will be done with the horizontal (breadth-first) work, 
which means that each high-level use case will have between two and four 
scenarios attached.

After F2F #2, the other subgroups should be able to continue their work 
confidently.  The use case subgroup can then become reactive, refining 
scenarios or adding scenarios as requested.  There will be no need to 
proactively delve down into successive levels of detail on the scenarios, 
especially since this will entail ever-greater architectural assumptions 
that may be invalidated by further design work.

The goals of F2F #2 will include:

- Final decisions on all issues of scope (e.g., which use cases are in/out)
- Comparing all submitted models and choosing all the consistent ones

We will combine security-core and security-protocol groups and aliases, but 
there will still be two separate sections in the spec.  Phil and Tim will 
be co-chairs.  It still makes sense to keep the bindings subgroup separate 
for now.

ACTION: Eve to make the alias changes happen and announce this to the group.

In the 20 March telecon, we should focus on vocabulary and model.  We 
should start at the high level, rather than specific glossary terms.  We 
should be considering two or three diagrams each containing 6-12 
objects.  There's the Hal/David one, Phil has the V-model stuff, and the 
protocol section (available as Word) has more visible versions of the PDF 
document.  Krishna is willing to take an action, if appropriate, to 
summarize/consolidate the discussion in a picture.

ACTION: Eve to send out an agenda by Friday for the 20 March telecon that 
points to all the available models, and asks people to study them and 
contribute additional ones.

F2F #2 location: There may be a problem with the Boston location.  We may 
have to do another poll. (blush)

>- Ideas on efficient telecon voting

In general, on a telecon, if something seems more amenable to email voting 
than a "live count" (e.g., because we're able to wait on the results), 
people should suggest this.

ACTION: Eve to talk to Joe Pato about his ideas.

Eve Maler                                             +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Development  eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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