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security-leaders message

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Subject: Use cases and requirements consensus draft

Hi all,

Attached is a zipfile containing a draft version of our consensus use case
and requirements doc.  I didn't get the chance to distill to pdf yet - I
figured it was okay since this is just a draft for our (security-leaders)
review with a couple of changes.  To view, extract all of the contents of
the attached zipfile into a working directory - be aware that there are no
directories in the zipfile so all extracted files will end up in the
directory you choose.  Open the file 'draft-sstc-saml-reqs-00.html' in your
browser - the embedded graphics files should be intact.  

Here is what changed:

o        Added [R-UserSessionLogout] and modified [R-UserSession] to reflect
decisions of TC from second face to face meeting.

o        Added text to denote figures 13 and 14 as non-normative to reflect
the TC decision.

o        Changed the Purpose section to indicate that this is a consensus

o        Added [R-OptionalSigningAndEncryption] per decision of 5/15/01




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