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security-protocol message

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Subject: Protocols telecon

Title: Protocols telecon

Colleagues - Here are the details of the Security Protocols telecon.

Chairperson:    Tim Moses
Date:           Monday February 26, 2001
Time:           12:00 pm eastern
Duration:       60 minutes

Dial in numbers:        613-688-3270

I propose the following agenda:

1. Roll call
2. Review agenda
3. Motion: "The first draft of the Protocols section (with minor modifications) should be submitted to the lead editor for inclusion in the overall draft that will be tabled for discussion at the first Face-to-Face meeting".  The minor modifications that I propose to make are:

        a. make the "intended receiver" field optional in all messages, in order to address the Single Sign-on, Third Party Security Service scenario.

        b. modify the Push protocol in order to properly reflect the Single Sign-on, Push scenario.
        c. add an extension field to each message.

(I can speak "for" the motion.  If anyone would like to speak against the motion, please let me know ahead of the meeting.)

4. Plans for the next step in the Protocols development process.
5. Any other business.

By the way, here is the link to the document.


Best regards.  Tim.
Tim Moses
Tel: 613.270.3183

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