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Subject: [security-services-comment] RE: MetaData for SAML 1.0 Web BrowserProfiles

>>I have a comment on the MetaData for SAML 1.0 Web Browser 
>>Profiles document.
>>I'm not sure this is an active document, or its relationship 
>>to other emerging policy work.
>>Regardless, I would propose using QNames for the TrustModel 
>>relationship types, for example:
>><xs:complexType name="TrustModelType">
>> <xs:sequence>
>>	<xs:element name="NameAndPassword" .../>
>>	<xs:element ref="ds:KeyInfo".../>
>> </xs:sequence>
>> <xs:attribute name="TrustRelationshipType" type="QName"/>
>>The QNames for trust can then be in the metadata namespace, 
>>e.g. mdns:NoAuth
>>essentially allowing extensibility without schema update.

Thanks for your note. This document is currently under revision.
I will try to use your suggestion in the next go-around.

- prateek

>>Does this make sense?

I think so!

>>regards, Frederick
>>Frederick Hirsch
>>Nokia Mobile Phones

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