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security-services-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: dss@ciudad.com.ar

OASIS Security Services 
Autovía de Huesca, 
Km. 7,2. Ciudad del Transporte,

Reply to: antonio_rizo@mailsurf.com

We Want To Transfer To Abroad $US29.5m (Twenty Nine Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from A Security Company, OASIS Security Services situated in the above location in Spain. I am contacting you in a non official capacity.

The purpose of my writing to you is because my colleagues and I are searching for a foreign business partner who is in a position to assist us with our urgent business proposal, as time is not on our side. A partner, who understands what confidentiality means and who has the necessary facilities we require in embarking on this important venture. I Want To Believe That You Will Never Let Me Down Either Now Or In Future.

I Am Antonio Fayos Rizo, The General Manager, OASIS Security Services,  Spain. During The Course Of Our Auditing, I Discovered A Floating Fund In An Account Opened In The security Company In 1990 And Since 1993 Nobody Has Operated On This Account Again. After Going Through Some 
Old Files In The Records, I Discovered That The Owner Of The Account Died Without AN [Heir], Hence The Money Has Been Floating And If I Do Not Remit This Money Out Urgently It Will Be Forfeited For Nothing.

The Owner Of This Account Was Mr. Michael D. Owen, A Foreigner, And An Industrialist, He Died Since 1993 And No Other Person Knows About This Account Or Anything Concerning It. The Account Has No Beneficiary And My Investigation Proved To Me As Well That Mr.Michael D. Owen  Until His Death Was The Managing Director, Lolito Fuchs, GMBH. 

I Am Contacting You As A Foreigner Because This Money Can  Only Be Approved To A Foreigner With A Valid International Passport, Drivers Licence And Foreign Account Because The Money Is In Us Dollars And The Former Owner Of The Account Mr. Michael D. Owen Is A Foreigner. 

I Am  Revealing All This To You With The Belief That You Will Never Let Me Down In This Business. Please Reply Urgently For Me To Tell You The Next Step To Take.You Should Forward Your Telephone And Fax Numbers. 

You Will Have To Give Me The Assurance  That This Money Will Be Intact Pending Our Physical Arrival In Your Country For Sharing And Disbursement Of The Fund Which Will Be 20% For Your Assistance, 70% Will Be For Us While 10% Will Be Set Aside To Take Care Of All The Expenses That Will Be Incurred By Both Parties During The Course Of The Transfer.

I Look Forward To Your Earliest Response Through My E-Mail Above.

Best Regards,

To OASIS from Donato Scrocco, Buenos Aires argentina.

I have just received this email wich of course is some kind of nigerian fake.

Ijust inform you some one is using your company name and other from a well known spanish industrial.

This is my only purpose to let you know.

Donato Scrocco.

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