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security-services-comment message

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Subject: IHE Interest



Glen Marshall has asked that I reach out to the SAML and XACML TCs to bring
to your attention the interest at the IHE (Glen can elaborate further if you
contact him) in SAML and XACML for use in healthcare.


I am hoping that we can assist IHE in the development of these standards for
use in their use cases.


Glen, if you go to the OASIS web site and add yourself to the comment list I
believe you can communicate directly with the TC members.


See Glen's message below,







>> Thank you!  I have copied a number of interested parties on this 

>> response -- the cochairs of IHE IT Infrastructure planning and 

>> technical committees plus the "security gang" in IHE.


>> The next meeting of particular interest is the IHE IT Infrastructure 

>> Planning Committee meeting on November 8-10 in Oak Brook, IL.  I've 

>> copied Did Davis and LaVerne Palmer, who will let you know the 

>> meeting location and lodging details.

>> Thanks,

>> Glen


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