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Subject: comment on SAML V2.0 Metadata: ContactPerson

Section describes how to specify basic contact
information for a person.

The contactType apparently can be "one of" technical,
support, administrative, billing and other.  This means that
if the same person is, for example, both the technical and
support contact, then there are two ContactPerson with the
same elements present in both of them, but different
contactType values?

Should there be guidance on representing an contact
'organizational role' in place of a contact person?
E.g., it'd be nice to be able to express that
"the IT department" at <Company> via <EmailAddress> is the
"technical" contact.   Also, should there be guidance on
representing the name of a contact person whose name does
not have a natural division into "given" and "sur" names.
Is there any chance of having an optional <Name> element
within <ContactPerson> added to subsequent revisions of
this document to address these situations?

Is the value of <TelephoneNumber> an E.164 number (e.g.
starting with a country code), or can be 'local' to a country
or within a country? Should there be guidance on how additional
information, such as a "telephone extension" or the indicator
"mobile" or "text" be added to a TelephoneNumber: e.g. could
they simply be part of the string, or must an XML attribute
be defined for this purpose?

Mark Wahl
Informed Control Inc.

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