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Subject: RE: [security-services-comment] Re: http://saml.xml.org/news/holder-of-key-web-browser-sso-profile

> I agree that the SPprovidedID seems to be a place, but it doesn't work
> well, if you have several ids that you want to process.

That is definitely not the right place. Not sure what you think that
attribute means, but it isn't that.

> The case is that a serviceprovider may use several of the possible
> identifiers, an email, a global company id, etc.

Then you put them into SAML attributes.

> Can't "Additional data that allows the subject to be confirmed" be
> interpreted
> as 'The subject is confirmed because according to our policy, we were
> successfully able to determine the following additional identifiers which
> are represented in the form of NameId' which we include in the
> SubjectConfirmation"

No, not really.
-- Scott

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