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Subject: Re: SAML attributes for Kerberos


> Reading this thread, am I correct in concluding
> that much of what Jeff & Russell require
> are in fact implementation-specific?
> - Was there any specific changes that need
> to be done on the Kerberos attribute profile?

The Attribute Profile definitely needs re-visiting in my opinion:

1. The CMU use-case is not captured in the current document.

2. The use-case that was meant to be captured in the current document  
has been stymied by a dependency on the WS-Security SAML Token Profile  
which we have subsequently discovered is unlikely to satisfy our  
original expectations.

(Unfortunately (2) did not become apparent until we had started 60 day  
review, and I failed to register that that made the profile moot. I  
should have spotted that at the time.)

However, I think much of the existing document and schema can be  
usefully re-purposed.


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