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Subject: Re: [security-services-comment] Comments on Keywords in Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface Version

On 15. mars 2011, at 17.33, Cantor, Scott E. wrote:

>> I would like to request support for having multi-worded keywords. Keywords
>> are very generic and might be used for alot of things, like alterntive
>> representation of the name of an institusion or name of a city; both which
>> may be 'multi-worded'.
> Is your intent to say that a multi word keyword only matches if the user enters all of the words?

Not neccessarily. I would typically check if the 'search string' is contained in the 'keyword'.

If I started typing 'Norges Te' I would match it against 'Norges Tekniske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet'.

As keywords are generic they may be used for various kind of 'keywords'. Typically I could think of alternative representations of the name of an institutions, and those names seldom are single-worded.

If you split the name of the institution 'Norges Tekniske og Naturvitenskapelige Universitet' into separate words, you loose alot of information, and the individual words are all very generic.

If I search for 'Nes skole' it would probably be a complete match against very few entities having this keyword. If you list all entries that would contain both the 'nes' and the 'skole' keyword you may get a long list, and there is not information avilable to rank 'Nes skole' on top.

'Nes' is a very popular location name. And skole is a generic term (meaning School).

> I can't see a lot of value, but if it's really that important, I would prefer to use an escaping convention in place of changing the syntax. Perhaps just replacing space with +.

That sounds good to me. '+' is fine.

Kind regards,

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