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Subject: Re: [security-services-comment] Comments on Keywords in Metadata Extensions for Login and Discovery User Interface Version

On 16. mars 2011, at 14.55, Cantor, Scott E. wrote:

>> If I search for 'Nes skole' it would probably be a complete match against very
>> few entities having this keyword. If you list all entries that would contain
>> both the 'nes' and the 'skole' keyword you may get a long list, and there is
>> not information avilable to rank 'Nes skole' on top.
>> 'Nes' is a very popular location name. And skole is a generic term (meaning
>> School).
> Right, but that sort of makes them lousy keywords. You wouldn't use "university" as a keyword in metadata that's going to contain a hundred universities.

Exactly. That is my point.

'Norwegian University of Science and Technology' is a very good keyword.
'Norwegian', 'University', 'of', 'Science', 'and', 'Technology' are all pretty lousy keywords.


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