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Subject: comments on document set saml-metadata-rpi-v1.0-csprd01

Comments on document set saml-metadata-rpi-v1.0-csprd01 dated 26 July 2011

When I started proofreading this document, I thought I would submit a
number of typographical errors and other minor discrepancies, but it
turns out the document has significant errors, so I'll concentrate
this report on the latter.

- The name of the schema file (saml-metadata-rpi-v1.0-wd06.xsd) is
inconsistent with the rest of the document set.

- [section 1.2] There is no (normative) reference to the accompanying schema.

- [section 1.2] The reference [SAML2Errata] doesn't actually lead to
SAML V2.0 Core, so I think the references need to be reorganized.

- [section 2.1.1] On line 66, it is indicated that the
<mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy> element is optional, but the schema
fragment on lines 70--79 indicates the <mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy>
element is required.

- [section 2.1.1] There are major discrepancies between the schema
fragment on lines 70--79 and the schema document itself. (I won't
detail each one since the differences are obvious.)

- [section 2.2.1] Again, the schema fragment on lines 122--132
disagrees with the schema document itself.

- [section 2.3.1] Since zero or more <mdrpi:Publication> elements are
specified, that means that the <mdrpi:PublicationPath> element may be
empty. Is this intended? If so, what does that mean?

- [section 2.3.2] The three attributes defined in this section are
redundantly defined twice. Redefine the schema so that these
attributes are defined just once.

- [section 2.4] Both of the <mdrpi:PublicationPath> elements
illustrated in the example disagree with the element as defined in
section 2.3.

- Throughout both the document and the schema document, the XML and
XML Schema code exhibits an annoying inconsistency in that there is
sometimes a space before "/>" and sometimes not. To be consistent (in
both this document set and other TC document sets), this extraneous
space should be removed. (It is a hold over from XHTML, which is not
relevant here.)

I'm not able to comment on the intended semantics until the syntactic
errors are corrected.

Tom Scavo

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