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Subject: Re: [security-services-comment] comments on document set saml-metadata-rpi-v1.0-csprd01

On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 14:17, Tom Scavo <trscavo@gmail.com> wrote:
> - The name of the schema file (saml-metadata-rpi-v1.0-wd06.xsd) is
> inconsistent with the rest of the document set.
> - [section 1.2] There is no (normative) reference to the accompanying schema.

These are artifacts of OASIS's new standards process and are as intended.

> - [section 1.2] The reference [SAML2Errata] doesn't actually lead to
> SAML V2.0 Core, so I think the references need to be reorganized.

That is the intended reference and is consistent with other SAML specifications.

> - [section 2.1.1] On line 66, it is indicated that the
> <mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy> element is optional, but the schema
> fragment on lines 70--79 indicates the <mdrpi:RegistrationPolicy>
> element is required.

Yes, that is a mistake.

> - [section 2.3.1] Since zero or more <mdrpi:Publication> elements are
> specified, that means that the <mdrpi:PublicationPath> element may be
> empty. Is this intended? If so, what does that mean?

Yes, it is intended and it means that no publication path is given.

> - [section 2.3.2] The three attributes defined in this section are
> redundantly defined twice. Redefine the schema so that these
> attributes are defined just once.

I assume you mean that there are two sets of attributes, one defined
in section 2.2.1 and the other in 2.3.2 and that those attributes have
the same name.  And indeed an attribute group could be defined in the
schema and referenced in each spot.  I don't see a reason, however.
It increases the complexity of the schema and offers no benefit in

> - [section 2.4] Both of the <mdrpi:PublicationPath> elements
> illustrated in the example disagree with the element as defined in
> section 2.3.

That will be fixed.

> - Throughout both the document and the schema document, the XML and
> XML Schema code exhibits an annoying inconsistency in that there is
> sometimes a space before "/>" and sometimes not. To be consistent (in
> both this document set and other TC document sets), this extraneous
> space should be removed. (It is a hold over from XHTML, which is not
> relevant here.)

I will make it consistent in the next version.

Chad La Joie
trusted identities, delivered

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