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Subject: comments re sstc-saml-metadata-ui-v1.0-csprd01

The following are some preliminary comments regarding
sstc-saml-metadata-ui-v1.0-csprd01 (26 July 2011).

***The document does not contain any line numbers so I'm not sure what
you want me to do. Can you please provide an official version of the
document with line numbers? Please advise.

In the meantime, here are a few comments regarding the XSD document:

- Since type mdui:UIInfoType is defined with minOccurs="0", an empty
<mdui:UIInfo/> element is allowed. Is this intentional? Seems like
such an element should be avoided.

- Same comment for type mdui:DiscoHintsType.

- Since the height and width XML attributes defined by type
mdui:LogoType are required, a link to a non-bitmapped image is
effectively precluded. Is this intentional? The fact that
non-bitmapped images (such as SVG images) are not supported very well
in current browsers is not sufficient reason to preclude such images
IMO. Future browsers and non-browser clients might very well leverage
non-bitmapped images.

Once you provide a document with line numbers, I will be happy to
submit additional comments.

Tom Scavo

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