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Subject: Re: [security-services-comment] Possible Errata for SAML V2.0 Subject Identifier Attributes Profile Version 1.0

On 2/2/21, 9:18 AM, "Christian Franke" <christian.franke@picturepipe.com> wrote:

>    If this not an error, or if this already a documented as a known error, 
>    I would like to apologize, as I am pretty new to this and could not 
>    figure out where known errors for these documents are tracked.

There are practically speaking not going to be any errata because the process is too onerous (or was), but there's a JIRA tracking defects at https://issues.oasis-open.org that TC members can record reported errors against.

This typo is in the exceedingly minor category.

-- Scott

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