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Subject: Re: IDMEF/IODEF

> Robin Cover has brought to our attention the following efforts.  Does
> anyone think we need explicit liaison with them?

I think not, given the scope of those efforts, but this raises a related
question I've been wanting to ask.

Obviously there are a substantial number of standardization efforts going
on in more or less the same space as ours, namely XML-formatted data
objects transfered via any of several transports (HTTP, SMTP, BEEP, etc).
One might observe that each of these is approaching security in its own
way (or not at all) and conclude that it would be a useful goal of our
work to provide XML-based security services for the generic XML-over-foo
protocol.  I expect, though, that participants in this TC would agree that
that is *not* what we're trying to do.  Yes?  If so we might want to state
this as an explicit non-goal in our charter (and no I don't have precise
wording at the moment) since I suspect this could be a likely point of
confusion, especially given the name of the group.

 - RL "Bob"

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