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security-services message

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Subject: Agenda for Security Services TC 23 January 2001 telecon

Meeting date: Tuesday, 23 January 2000
Meeting time:
(let me know if you want me to list other time zones in the future)
     GMT         5pm-7pm
     Eastern     12noon-2pm
     Pacific     9am-11am

US/Canada Dial-In Number:  (800) 377-5653
International/Local Dial-In Number:  (706) 634-7017
Company Name:  Netegrity, Inc.
Leader's Name:  Marc Chanliau
Leader's Phone:  (781) 663-8104
Owner ID:  766578

- Membership report: new/removed members (Heather)
- Roll call (Heather or Krishna)
- Approval of minutes for the last telecon, as corrected:
- Approval of/additions to this agenda
- Chair pro tem situation
- Fix regular timeslot for telecons
- Fix date for first F2F meeting

Subgroup reports
Please send a brief report by email in advance of the telecon, if 
possible.  This will allow us to concentrate on the substance of each 
group's work.

- Coordinating editor (Bob Blakley)
- Use Cases and Requirements (security-use) (Darren Platt)
- Core Assertions (security-core) (Phil Hallam-Baker)
- Protocols (security-protocol) (Tim Moses)
- Bindings (security-bindings) (Prateek Mishra)
- Conformance Suite (security-conform) (Krishna Sankar)
- Security Considerations (security-consider) (Jeremy Epstein or designate)

We need to choose liaisons, and then I'll ask each person to make a brief 
oral report to the committee.

- ebXML: Maryann Hondo? Brian Eisenberg?
- XKMS: Phil Hallam-Baker?
- XML Signature: ?
- XML Encryption: ?
- XML Protocol: Krishna Sankar? Brian Eisenberg?
- IETF BEEP: Jeff Hodges?
- Do we need to track any other efforts?

- Website report (Marc)
- What name shall we give our suite of specifications?
Eve Maler                                          +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center    eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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