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Subject: Re: Website maintainer?

"Eve L. Maler" wrote:
> Folks-- Marc is finding it difficult to carve out the time for the website
> stuff.  Is there anyone else who is interested in taking it on?  I'm
> willing to help with it somewhat, but not until I return from
> vacation...  What's needed is:
> Minimum:
> - Plan for overall layout of our site
> - Content for basic description pages

Can we point to some existing pages as models for what we're imagining?

How about these..


..as models?

What is the minimum page layout complexity? (I personally don't think we need
anything fancy at all to accomplish our work, and that these pages shouldn't
have a "marketing" requirement on them. See
http://www.stanford.edu/~hodges/LDUP/ for an example of what I'm imagining as a
very-bare-bones-yet-useful working group page.
http://www.phys.uu.nl/~wwwfi/aaaarch/ is an example of something a bit more
"fancy" but still pretty low-key, to the point, and probably not terribly
complex to maintain.)

Where will the SSTC site/pages be hosted? At www.oasis-open.org like the above

How many "cooks" will be trying to stir this broth? How much time is the
maintainer going to have to spend consensus-building and hand-holding? Will the
maintainer be expected to create any and all pages on request? If so, by whom?

> - Occasionally creating new pages (e.g., technical/PR contact lists)

What's "occasionally"? How many updates & new pages per week (let's say)?

> Optional:
> - Neat-o "look" for the site

Who decides what constitutes a "neat-o look"? 
  http://www.s2ml.org/    ?
  http://www.authxml.org/ ?

How much work is it to maintain pages like these? I.e. how much work is it to
add new subpages and update navigation bars appropriately? 

> - Very active maintenance of content and layout

What constitutes "very active"? How many updates & new pages per week (let's



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