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Subject: Jamcracker submits ITML Session Management for review by OASIS Security Services TC

The following documents contain much of Jamcracker's collective thoughts on
session management and assertions associated therewith.  We hope that this
submission will help the OASIS security services technical committee and
it's various subcommittees, such as the use case, protocols and bindings

The first document, the ITML Virtual Session Management Specification,
describes the conversations between Jamcracker and a partner for exchange of
assertion information.  This describes the use cases, assumptions,
conversations, document instances, and schemas for exchange of session

The second document, the ITML Messaging and Protocol Specification,
describes the messaging and protocol bindings for various conversations,
such as session management, in an ecosystem.

These are preliminary works, so be kind.  I had wanted to do more updates,
but time catches us all my friends. 

A number of conditions to note: 
1. the message and protocol document hasn't been updated for some time, so
it is a bit out of date - particularly on issues like the recent SOAP with
attachments and WSDL works.
2. The session management document does not contain a WSDL definition of the
3. The itml.org site is currently down, it should be up in a few days.  The
master and most recent copy of these documents and others are always located

Dave Orchard
XML Architect
Jamcracker Inc.,    19000 Homestead Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014
p: 408.864.5118     m: 604.908.8425    f: 408.725.4310

Named to Red Herring's list of 100 Most Important Companies:

ITML Session Management.doc

ITML Messaging And Protocol2000-11-22.doc

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