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Subject: Got dropped from concall (phone difficulties)

Well, my phone shut down (I'm discovering to my chagrin that it apparently
cannot do a call & charge the battery at the same time) right after giving my
report about IETF BEEP and while StephenF was discussion the SACRED wg. 

I tried to rejoin after rebooting the phone, but it repeated it's behavior
right away as we were moving to create a permanent backup chair position. 

I did want to report about the SSTC website -- myself & Karri Myles (Oblix
webmaster) have volunteered to create and manage it. We're in touch with Jeff
Lomas, the OASIS webmaster in order to get things set up. I anticipate putting
up copies of all the various "submitted" and "draft" docs that are floating
around the list, and using the document naming conventions of the (mentioned by
BobB in the concall today) draft-sstc-doc-guidelines-00.txt doc (sent to the
security-services list Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:52:02 -0800 in a msg entitled "Re:
SSTC document guidelines" (I will resend this doc to the list per  BobB's
motion today)). 

I've been having a conversation with Karl Best about existing OASIS doc
conventions and have info to report and will do that later today or tomorrow. 

thanks, feel free to lemme know if you have any questions about this,


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