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security-services message

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Subject: Security, Telecons, planes, trains and automobiles

My apologies for the delays that I caused on today's call due to my flight.
It was extremely frustrating to me to have my flight delayed by over an hour
until a departure of EXACTLY 9:05 AM, having electronics not permitted until
9:15 AM, and forcing all of you listen to a record number (8) of
announcements in a course of 40 minutes.  The one time I don't want a
"chatty" air crew....  Thanks for the *6 information.  

I will be glad to notify in email (and others might want to as well) when I
will be travelling during the telecon and attempting to dial in.  

I would like to thank who-ever suggested that the 10 minute "tardiness"
factor was barring technical difficulty, and the group deeming my plight a
technical difficulties.  I was going to have to navigate an undefined
process for disputing the time delay, but that isn't necessary now.  It's
exactly this kind of concern for other organizations interests and doing the
right thing that will help our group be successful.

Dave Orchard
XML Architect
Jamcracker Inc.,    19000 Homestead Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014
p: 408.864.5118     m: 604.908.8425    f: 408.725.4310

Named to Red Herring's list of 100 Most Important Companies:

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