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Subject: URGENT: Membership Status

Karl Best has corrected me on an issue of membership status. The exact
quote from the Oasis rules is:

            Membership in the TC can be terminated for inactivity. The
chair will send notice to the member
                       who misses two out of three successive meetings or
fails to participate in 80% of ballots in a
                       90-day period. Unless the member attends the next
meeting or participates in the next ballot
                       after the notice from the chair, his membership in
the TC will be terminated. A terminated
                       member may rejoin by requesting prospective
membership as explained above.

This means that the following people will be receiving a formal notice from
the Chair (probably via the Secretary) stating that they must participate
in the next meeting (which looks to be the 20 Feb Conference call) or they
will have their membership terminated;
Merlin Hughes       Baltimore
Zahid Ahmed         CommerceOne
Norbert Mikula      DataChannel
Sumner Blount       Netegrity
Britta Glade        Securant
Eric Olden          Securant
Arny Epstein        SilverStream
Sai Allavarpu       Sun
Brian Schussler     Sun
John Baker          Axent

I deeply apologize for any panic or concern that this has caused.


Heather Hinton, PhD,
Senior Security Architect
Tivoli eZone Solutions Design
6300 Bridgepoint Parkway
Building III, A5081
Austin, TX 78731
e-mail: hhinton@tivoli.com
Telephone: +1:(512)436-1538
Fax: +1(512)436-1199

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