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Subject: Re: Minutes of 20 February 2001 Security Services TC telecon

Embellishments & minor corrections below.



> Minutes of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee telecon
> 20 February 2001


> - What do we think about creation of a new TC on an access control
>    language?


>    Question: Is this the right place for this work (over, say, W3C). Many
>    want to be involved in this work but would like to overload our
>    individual workloads.                             ^


- Coordinating editor (Bob Blakley)


>    Jeff gets a free dinner for being the only person submitting a report
           from BobB, at some dive (yet-to-be-determined),

>    (glossary) in HTML! Everything has been PDF or Word.

To be fair, Prateek & I coauthored the draft-sstc-bindings-model-00 doc in html
and put it out on the -bindings list before draft-sstc-hodges-glossary-01 was
issued as a part of use case strawman 2. So do you like McDonalds, Prateek? ;-)

Also, we had (at BobB's suggestion) decided on .pdf as a "distribution format".
Thus it is arguably just the schlepping docs about in Word format that's been

>    Document guidelines are progressing well and getting close to done. We
>    will have consistent IETF-type naming standards for the documents.
>    There will be requirements inside the documents for metadata that must
>    be there. Documents will be posted by sending to
>    mailto:security-editors@lists.oasis-open.org; one of the "publishing
>    editors" will lick the document into shape and put it on the website.
                 , remanding it back to the authors/editors 
                   for re-work if necessary,

> Liaison reports
> ===============
> No report requests sent to Eve.
> Encryption (Eve): has touched base with Joseph Reagle of W3C, who is
> chairing the new Encryption WG.  We have an arrangement to review each
> other's requirements documents.
> ebXML (Brian Eisenberg): SOAP and EBMLX TRP message headers are now
> working together.
> XKMS Encryption (Phil): There is a developers' meeting immediately
> following the XKMS meeting on March 1.
           W3C XML Encryption 



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