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security-services message

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Subject: Agenda for Focus subgroup 5 June 2001 telecon

NOTE: Please get your actions done!

Meeting date: Tuesday, 5 June 2000
Meeting time (see also http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc):
           Europe/Dublin  5-7pm
           US/Eastern     12noon-2pm
           US/Central     11am-1pm
           US/Pacific     9am-11am

Call-in information (good through 17 July):
          Call-in number: +1 334 262 0740
          Participant code #856956

Running list of ACTION items
ACTION: Bob Blakley to develop and circulate a Word template for all
specification contributors to use.
- Target date 1 June

ACTION: Bob Blakley to propose simplified assertion data structures based
on Phill's new document.
- Target date 1 June

ACTION: Prateek to do traceability review before the next TC telecon.

ACTION: Jeff Hodges to update the Glossary to reflect F2F #2 decisions.
- Target date 12 June 01

ACTION: Eve to create master bibliography and provide bibliography section
for document guidelines.
- Target date 5 June 01

ACTION: Jeff to send out email about possible URI constraints and identity
definitions we should consider imposing in the case of SAML's unique

ACTION: Subgroup leaders to get new materials to BobB (and security-
editors list) by COB June 14 in preparation for publishing the F2F
versions of the spec.

ACTION: Marlena to champion DS-1-02, Anonymity Technique, and confer with
BobB and Phill.

ACTION: Hal to champion DS-3-01, DoNotCache.

ACTION: Hal to see if the issue list text for DS-3-02, ClockSkew, is
sufficient or needs more explication.

ACTION: Prateek to champion DS-3-03, ValidityDependsUpon.

ACTION: Dave to champion DS-4-01, Top or Bottom Typing.

ACTION: Jeff to champion DS-4-02, XML Terminology, aka Messages and

ACTION: Tim and Dave to brainstorm further on how to proceed with DS-4-03, 
Assertion Request Template.

Issues and concerns
How to prioritize issues resolution?  Are there big topics that must be 
taken up before we start "tweaking" the draft-core design in earnest?

Current issues list is V02 (unless Hal updates it before 5 June):

Open issues (plus any waiting to be added by Hal):

UC-1-05: FirstContact (p. 13)
UC-2-05: EMarketplace (p. 29)
UC-7-01: Enveloping (p. 56)
UC-7-02: Enveloped (p. 56)
UC-8-02: IntermediaryAdd (p. 58)
UC-8-03: IntermediaryDelete (p. 61)
UC-8-04: IntermediaryEdit (p. 63)
UC-8-05: AtomicAssertion (p. 65)
UC-9-01: RuntimePrivacy (p. 67)
UC-9-02: PrivacyStatement (p. 67)
UC-13-07: Hailstorm Interoperability (p. 85)
DS-1-01: Referring to Subject (p. 86) BobB?
DS-1-01: Anonymity Technique (p. 86) Marlena
DS-3-01: DoNotCache (p. 88) Hal
DS-3-02: ClockSkew (p. 88) Hal
DS-3-03: ValidityDependsUpon (p. 88) Prateek
DS-4-01: Top or Bottom Typing (p. 89) Dave
DS-4-02: XML Terminology (p. 89) Jeff
DS-4-03: Assertion Request Template (p. 89) (Tim/Dave initially)
DS-4-04: URIs for Assertion IDs (p. 89) (Jeff initially)
Eve Maler                                             +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Development  eve.maler @ east.sun.com

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