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Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Co-chairs and vice-chairs

"Eve L. Maler" wrote:
> Following is the response from the OASIS group that owns the TC
> process.  Here is what I suggest:  Adopt a standing rule that the chair can
> appoint (or, alternatively, that the TC can elect) a vice-chair who is
> empowered to help with chairing duties at the chair's direction.  The
> vice-chair would stand ready to serve as chair pro tem but would, as a
> formality, need to be voted in each time.  The "real" chair would bear
> ultimate responsibility for the TC, but could share the load as they and
> the vice-chair see fit.

I've taken a look at..

http://www.oasis-open.org/who/bylaws.shtml  (attachment A)

..which specifies the specifics of how a TC is constitued and operated. My
interpretation is that that doc only tacitly/implicitly defines a "TC Chair" as
being mapped to a single natural person. 

> Appointing a vice-chair is not *too* different from what I've already done
> in appointing other positions, such as secretary and subgroup leader;
> however, the difference is that the OASIS rules and RROR do give chairs
> additional explicit powers, and the committee is supposed to elect its own
> leader.  So the group might prefer to elect a vice-chair rather than have
> them be appointed.
> Thoughts?

It seems to be kinda a trade-off of the sorts of "what sort of headache do you
want to have" -- you can follow the oasis/roberts rules and figure out how to
have a Vice Chair and what the duties/resposibilities/power of that position
are, or simply (within the TC) adopt a standing rule that we're going to have a
co-chair arrangement where duties/resposibilities/power within the TC are shared
equally. Perhaps one of those people would have to be identified as the "chair"
as far as interfacing with OASIS proper is concerned, tho this is a little
unclear given what Jon Bosak said..

> >As far as we know, there is nothing that would prevent a TC from
> >adopting a standing rule that would define a co-chair role and
> >would allow one or more members of the TC to be so designated.

However we decide to do it (co-Chairs or Chair'n'viceChair), it occurs to me we
should create a new distribution list called e.g...


..and place the co-Chairs or Chair'n'viceChair on it. Folks'd use that list to
send msgs to the SSTC "chair". 


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