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Subject: URIs as general-purpose identifiers, and identifiers in general

This message..

composition of AssertionID (Issue: DS-4-04: URIs for Assertion IDs)

..provides the references cited in the below discussion.

It's been asserted here in the SSTC that it is a good idea to use URL-style URIs
as identifiers for various things. 

I did a bunch of research, and attended a BOF (Future of URIs (FURI)) at the
last IETF meeting on this topic, and the consensus is that THERE IS NO
CONSENSUS. Except there is consensus that there is a large amount of confusion &
misunderstanding. The FURI BOF minutes will repay a careful read, imho. Oh, and
the FURI BOF was instigated by W3C folk involved in the URI Planning Interest

The FURI BOF minutes..

  Future of Uniform Resource Identifiers BOF (furi) 
  [50th IETF, Minneapolis MN, Mar-2001]

A URI, of either URL or URN form, MAY be a resonable identifier for something if
scrutinizing entities have answers available to many of these questions...

      Identifier relationships: 
      *  Is this URI used as a name or locator?
      *  Is this URI globally available or do I need local information
         to use it?
      *  Is there a gateway available that can help me use this URI?
      *  Is this URI persistent?

      Resource relationships: 
      *  Is the Resource identified by this URI an abstract thing or an
         instance of one?
      *  If this Resource is an abstract Resource, can you give me an
      *  Is this Resource a collection or part of one?
      *  If this Resource is a member of a collection, what is the URI
         for the collection?

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