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Subject: O-S-D Published:

A New Oasis-SSTC-Draft is available from the on-line SSTC document repository.
This draft is an individual contribution in the context of the focus subgroup. 

	Title    : Orchard-Maler Assertion Proposal
	Author(s): David Orchard & Eve Maler
	Filenames: draft-orchard-maler-assertion-00.doc
	Date     : 15 June 2001

This document offers a proposal for SAML assertions and the XML structure that
conveys them to and from SAML Authorities. The structure is simple, easily
implementable, and intuitive to XML Schema-aware developers, allowing for faster
time to development. Many parts of this proposal borrow concepts that are much
more fully defined in the core-07 proposal.

URLs for this Oasis-SSTC-Draft are:

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