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security-services message

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Subject: Agenda for Focus subgroup 18 June 2001 telecon

NOTE: Please get your actions done!

Meeting date: Tuesday, 19 June 2000
Meeting time (see also http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc):
           Europe/Dublin  5-7pm
           US/Eastern     12noon-2pm
           US/Central     11am-1pm
           US/Pacific     9am-11am

Call-in information (good through ?? Sept):
          Call-in number: +1 334 262 0740
          Participant code #856956

Running list of ACTION items
ACTION: Bob Blakley to develop and circulate a Word template for all
specification contributors to use.
- Target date 12 June

ACTION: Bob Blakley to propose simplified assertion data structures based
on Phill's new document. [subsummed by Dave/Eve's work/proposal?]

ACTION: Prateek to do traceability review before the next TC telecon.
[in wait-state]

ACTION: Jeff Hodges to update the Glossary to reflect F2F #2 decisions.
- target date 12 Jun 01

ACTION: Eve to create master bibliography and provide bibliography section
for document guidelines.
- Target date 5 June 01

ACTION: Subgroup leaders to get new materials to BobB (and security-
editors list) by COB June 14 in preparation for publishing the F2F
versions of the spec. [in-progress as this is written]

ACTION: Marlena to champion DS-1-02, Anonymity Technique, and confer with
BobB and Phill. [in progress]

ACTION: Hal to see if the issue list text for DS-3-02, ClockSkew, is
sufficient or needs more explication. [in progress]

ACTION: Prateek to champion DS-3-03, ValidityDependsUpon. [in progress??]

ACTION: Dave to champion DS-4-01, Top or Bottom Typing. [in progress??]

ACTION: Jeff to champion DS-4-02, XML Terminology, aka Messages and

ACTION: Tim and Dave to brainstorm further on how to proceed with DS-4-03, 
Assertion Request Template.

ACTION: [from 5 June 2001 focus telecon] Dave and Eve to come up with a small
selection of diagrams that show different options in time for the next telecon.

ACTION: Dave and Eve will try to combine and flesh out their assertion 
proposals for the purposes of the F2F version of the spec, and check with 
Phill to see if he wants to move forward with that or propose a core-08 
alternative.  Whatever proposals are available will be put into the 
assertion chapter of the spec.

Design Discussions


  Minutes for Focus subgroup 5 June 2001 telecon

  minutes of SSTC/Focus 12 June 2001 telecon

On the table: Core Assertion designs

1. draft-sstc-core-08.pdf


2. draft-orchard-maler-assertion-00.pdf


Existing questions [from minutes of SSTC/Focus 12 June 2001 telecon]:

A. Are we designing our own query language, or are we intending to profile 
XML Query, or do we really need "queries" for our SAML requests?

B. There's a question about whether schemas for assertions are related to 
schemas for queries/requests.  We need to design the atoms in order to get 
guidance on the higher levels.

Item 1: Can we make decisions or at least narrow the undecided ground where the
above two questions are concerned? 

Item 2: Are there other overall systemic questions (i.e. we MUST decide them)
like the above that we can identify in this session?

Overall Issues and concerns

Item: How to prioritize issues resolution?  

Current issues list is V02 (unless Hal updates it before 19 June):

Open issues (plus any waiting to be added by Hal):

UC-1-05: FirstContact (p. 13)
UC-2-05: EMarketplace (p. 29)
UC-7-01: Enveloping (p. 56)
UC-7-02: Enveloped (p. 56)
UC-8-02: IntermediaryAdd (p. 58)
UC-8-03: IntermediaryDelete (p. 61)
UC-8-04: IntermediaryEdit (p. 63)
UC-8-05: AtomicAssertion (p. 65)
UC-9-01: RuntimePrivacy (p. 67)
UC-9-02: PrivacyStatement (p. 67)
UC-13-07: Hailstorm Interoperability (p. 85)
DS-1-01: Referring to Subject (p. 86) BobB?
DS-1-01: Anonymity Technique (p. 86) Marlena
DS-3-01: DoNotCache (p. 88) Hal
DS-3-02: ClockSkew (p. 88) Hal
DS-3-03: ValidityDependsUpon (p. 88) Prateek
DS-4-01: Top or Bottom Typing (p. 89) Dave
DS-4-02: XML Terminology (p. 89) Jeff
DS-4-03: Assertion Request Template (p. 89) (Tim/Dave initially)
DS-4-04: URIs for Assertion IDs (p. 89) (Jeff initially)

[others to add?]


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