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Subject: Re: Proposed F2F #3 Agenda (Conformance subgroup considerations)

> Robert Griffin wrote:
> it's probably a good idea to have at least a brief report by conformance
> subgroup on Monday, so that any issues related to conformance could be
> included in the 5pm review/categorization of open issues? Perhaps we can just
> go with the 4:30-5 slot, with the following list of topics:
> Each of these would be presented with the idea of identitying issues, rather
> than resolving them...

Ok, I'll fold this thinking into the revised agenda I'm working on right now. 

> The additional hour on Tuesday was the result of interest in exploring the
> last of these four topics in more detail. However, since only a subset of the
> TC is likely to be interested, perhaps we could do that over lunch on Tuesday
> with anyone who wants to join in?

Good idea. We did that at F2F #2 with the sessions stuff for example. I'll just
assume that's how those interested in conformance will handle this. 


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