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Subject: New version of Issues List for FTF #3


I've received an updated version of the issues list from Hal, which I've
put into FTF format
and rendered into PDF.  I still haven't integrated the figures here (Hal
has pointed out that these
are in the repository, but I've not had the time to figure out the
reference structure and integrate them
into the Word file.

Here are the .doc and .pdf with no pictures:

(See attached file: draft-sstc-ftf3-issues-00.doc)
(See attached file: draft-sstc-ftf3-issues-00.PDF)


Bob Blakley (blakley@tivoli.com, regardless of what the email headers may
Chief Scientist
Enterprise Solutions Unit
Tivoli Systems, Inc. (an IBM Company)

Microsoft Word 4

Adobe Portable Document

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