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Subject: RE: SAML configuration/interoperability woes


why do you believe that hard coded URLs break frequently?
I use yahoo and several other sites with fixed names in my
daily life regularly. They are almost never broken.

There are extremely standard and simple techniques such
as web farms and tools such as Cisco Local Director hat are 
employed throughout the internet to
deal with this problem. This is an even simpler problem
in the context of XML message exchange as specific URLs
become less significant (e.g., http://www.example.com/gateway
will accept all XML traffic arriving atxample.com).

In summary, this is a completely solved problem and we should
move on to discussing some real issues instead. If you insist
on discussing this issue, please provide some third-party
references and analysis to back up your claims.

- prateek

>>I am not suggesting negotiation of configuration parameters
>>but to not be bound to hard-coded "pull" URLs.  Such URLs
>>are likely to break too frequently.  I.e. the a destination site
>>should IMO not need to know anything but the PKC of
>>the source site.

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