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Subject: Bindings sub-group report to TC

In the discussions of the bindings sub-group, two
issues of broader interest to the TC have come up:
(1) Will SAML provide some way of "box-carring" or carrying multiple
requests in a single "message" (also multiple responses)? 
Should this be resolved at the core assertion level or should it be
dealt with in specific bindings?
(2) There is a need to characterize use of XML-DSIG for
SAML assertions, requests and responses. This could also
be termed a SAML profile for XML-DSIG. Some issues:
are all three forms of signing supported (detached, enveloped,
enveloping)? Are all the varied types of KeyInfo sub-elements
supported? If a SAML response is signed, then under what
conditions does the signature "apply" to any assertions 
contained within the response? Evan Prodromou has volunteered
to take this issue forward.
- prateek

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