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Subject: Updated Issues List

Here is the updated issues list. It reflects the issues from

1) F2F #3

2) core discussion-01

3) protocols discussion-01

Many new issues have been created others have been updated. Lengthy text
from closed usecases has been removed. New and recently discussed issues are
marked in yellow.

In most cases I used the text from the minutes or documents, however in a
few I elaborated on the issues based on past discussions.

As a convenience I have provided a second document which accounts for every
issue in 1, 2 & 3 above. Look up you favorite issue and see where it went.

The issues in the discussion documents fall in several categories. These

1. new issues with no solution proposed
2. new issues with a proposed solution
3. old issues with no proposed solution
4. old issues where a partial solution is proposed
5. old issues where the authors ask "does this close the issue?"

I have tried to reflect this in the text.

I have not attempted to capture new issues posted to the list in the last
couple of weeks.




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