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security-services message

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Subject: Security Considerations: draft-sstc-sec-consider-00.doc

 draft-sstc-sec-consider-00.doc  is attached. 

It isn't nearly as filled-out as I'd hoped it would be, but I've had a series
of unanticipated distractions the past couple of weeks with concomitant impacts
on my time. 

So the above is a simply a skeleton for the most part. Those who're interested
(Chris McLaren, Prateek, Don Flinn, so far) can contribute to filling it in, as
we move forward. 

I've referenced (within sec-consider-00) email msgs on the list(s) that have
substantive material and/or thinking for this sec-consider context. My
apologies if I didn't include anything of yours. 




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