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Subject: Proposed Changes to Core-12 (with renaming)

This is from the August 14, Focus Group Call
(1) Removal of <Object> element from (renamed)
draft-sstc-schema-assertion-12 and
replacement by its (literal) contents within
<AuthorizationDecisionAssertionType> and
(2) Cardinality of element <AttributeValue> within <AttributeType> to be
to minOccurs=1, maxOccurs=unbounded
(3)  Removal of <Attribute> element from <AttributeQueryType> and its
by a new element <AttributeName> with cardinality minOccurs=0,
<element name="saml:AttributeName" type="AttributeNameType">
<complexType name="AttributeNameType">
    <element ref="AttributeName">
    <element ref="AttributeNamespace" minOccurs="0">
there is a need to promote to global level the following elements
<element name="AttributeName" type="string">
<element name="AttributeNamespace" type="uriReference">
and update AttributeType to:
<complexType name="AttributeType">
<element ref="AttributeName">
<element ref="AttributeNamespace">
<element name="AttributeValue" type="saml:AttributeValueType"

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