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Subject: RE: Proposed Changes to Core-12 (with renaming)


This is an open issue from the f2f#3 meeting 
(ISSUE:[F2F#3-37]). The general sense seemed to
be that people wanted to be able to omit the
namespace and that somehow there was a canonical namespace
in which names are interpreted (SAML namespace?). 
I dont think we actually spelled this out completely.

- prateek

>>In the AttributeNameType structure, AttributeNamespace has minimum
>>cardinality zero; does this mean that
>>the AttributeName is drawn from a canonical default namespace 
>>(if so, do we
>>specify what this namespace is)?
>>Or does it permit ambiguity of reference.  If the latter, I'm 
>>Here's the structure I'm referring to:
>><complexType name="AttributeNameType">
>>    <element ref="AttributeName">
>>    <element ref="AttributeNamespace" minOccurs="0">

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