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Subject: FW: DRAFT minutes SSTC/Focus concall 4-Sep-2001

SSTC/Focus concall 4-Sep-2001

Minutes prepared by Jeff Hodges.

In the secretary's abscence, Joe takes attendance using the pre-F2F#4 member

We do not achieve quorum. No one raises anything to discuss in the offical

Our primary action item for this meeting was to approve a resolution to
the batch of issues documented in..


The consensus of the attendees was to take this matter up on the next
SSTC concall on Tue 18-Sep. 

The co-chairs thank Hal for his work on the Issues docs, and for folks'
accomplishing many of their F2F#4 action items already. 

We declare that the meeting is now a focus group meeting. 

Focus group

Upon being queried about his issuance of new schema versions ( -16 ) on Fri,
Aug 2001 10:11:22 -0700 (entitled "New Schemas"), Phill indicated that his
operandi (MO) is to update the schema .xsd files per discussions, and put
out for comment prior to updating the draft-sstc-core-xx doc itself. JeffH
requested that this MO be made more explicit in the announcement message
containing the schema .xsd files. 

Phill alluded to there being new schema .xsd files in the works already
Prateek found a bug in the -16 versions. 

Phill noted that there is a thread on the list, entitled..

  Comments on the use of Substitution groups, and Phil's propos al to 
  decouple the assertion header from the statements.

  ( thread begins on: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 18:00:34 -0300, 
    from Chris McLaren <chris.mclaren@ieee.org> )

..that needs more participation to come to closure. 

JeffH notes that the co-chairs have F2F#4 minutes to produce asap, and
presentations and raw notes to get up on the website. We'll attempt to put a
dent in all that this coming week, tho we'll probably try to get a concise
of action items culled from the raw minutes this week, and the more
minutes will follow next week. 

Meeting adjourned. 



Larry Hollywood	Bank of America
Ken Yagen 		Crosslogix
Hal Lockhart	Entegrity
Carlisle Adams 	Entrust
Robert Griffin 	Entrust
Don Flinn		Hitachi
Joe  Pato		HP
Jason Rouault 	HP
Gilbert Pilz	Jamcracker
Prateek Mishra 	Netegrity
Chris	Mclaren	Netegrity
Jeff 	Hodges 	Oblix
Charles Knouse 	Oblix
Steve Anderson 	OpenNetwork
Michael Lyons 	OpenNetwork
Darren Platt 	Securant
Ron Monzillo	Sun
Marlena Erdos 	Tivoli
Phillip Hallam-Baker 	Verisign
Thomas Hardjono 	Verisign

Maryann Hondo	IBM

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