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Subject: W.R.T. upcoming Focus group concall on Tue 11-Sep (*canceled*(?))

Joe & I are intending to *cancel* the focus group concall scheduled for next
Tuesday 11-Sep-2001 unless at least four people assert that they will in fact
use the scheduled concall time to discuss SSTC topics. 

The rationale is that many of the active Focus group participants will be at the
XACML F2F that day, as will Joe. JeffH & Gavenraj will be at the xRPM F2F. 

So, if there's anyone who intends to use the scheduled concall time, please send
a note to this list by 3:00pm tomorrow (Fri) 7-Sep. Eve should feel free to
cancel the scheduled concall time on 11-Sep if at least four such requests do
not materialize. 

thanks, and we'll all re-convene on Tue 18-Sep-2001 for our next
regularly-schedule SSTC/Focus concall. 

JeffH & Joe

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