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Subject: Re: Bindings Committee Recommendation: SAML HTTP Binding should be mandatory-to-implement

BEA strongly believes in option #2, and will vote that way if asked.  This 
is not a marketing "buzz" but real need.

There will still be many many soap 1.1 implementations once soap 1.2 is 

The IPR issues are a red herring until somebody actually claims 
infringement.  Best to proceed until somebody claims, and back out later if 
proven wrong.


At 09:48 PM 10/8/01 -0400, Mishra, Prateek wrote:
>At the last bindings con-call the following question was debated:
>Which SAML binding should be mandatory-to-implement?
>(a) HTTP
>(b) SOAP over HTTP with no intermediaries
>The general consensus in the bindings commitee appeared to lie
>with (a) though some dissent was also expressed (Darren P.).
>I would request the chairs that the TC take a formal position on
>this issue perhaps thru a vote on October 9.
>In thinking about this issue, please note that we are NOT referring
>to the SOAP profile which would continue to be developed within
>The argument for (a) include the following:
>(i) SOAP 1.1 IPR is encumbered
>(ii) The results of the XMLP effort (SOAP 1.2) may look quite
>different from SOAP 1.1 (XMLP will be ready in Q1/02)
>(iii) other than marketing issues, we do not gain much by utilizing
>SOAP at this point
>(iv) "raw" HTTP provides a firmer foundation for our work; notice
>that a mandatory-to-implement binding is an additional layer in
>the SAML protocol stack.
>Arguments for (b) include:
>(i) SOAP provides a reasonable packaging structure, at least in
>the case of SOAP over HTTP
>(ii) SOAP offers a message-level error processing model
>(iii) The two alternatives are essentially the same but choosing
>SOAP over HTTP offers SAML, better marketing buzz.
>(iv) There may be patents lurking for any generic XML messaging
>framework; even if we choose (a) we may find that patents apply.
>Further discussion may be found in:
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