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Subject: Re: Minutes of Focus subgroup 9-Oct-2001 concall


Sorry to be picky, but I've been mis-quoted:

>Marlena asserts that there needs to be some tagging of the subject name
> as a pseudonym
>Hal: 2 more things
> reserved anon name "anonymous"
> gening up a tmp name on the fly

I definitely did not assert during *this* call that there needs
to be tagging in the Subject element. Irving on a
previous call straightened me out on this item :-), demonstrating
that the RP can do "correct" behavior without tagging.

My point is merely that if other folks are interested
in "reserved names" that I'd perfer using tags
to accomplish (what I think is) the same goal.

(I will go into detail on why if
this issue actually gets pursued.)


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