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security-services message

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Subject: [security-services] Minutes for SSTC Telecon, Tuesday Oct 16

Minutes for SSTC Telecon, Tuesday Oct 16
Dial in info: +1 334 262 0740 #856956
Minutes taken by Steve Anderson

>> Agenda
>> 1 - Roll Call

Attendance attached to bottom of these minutes.  Quorum achieved.

>> 2 - Agenda review

No changes.

>> 3 - Approve Minutes 2 October 2001

These minutes not yet available.  Will seek approval at next meeting.

>> 4 - Vote on mandatory to implement bindings for SAML 1.0

Vote: 19 - 10, in favor of SOAP/HTTP versus HTTP

>> 5 - Face to face #5

Attendance projections for week of Nov 5 look thin.  Nov 13 - 14
appears to have better support.  Joe will create new evite poll for
these dates today.  Requests responses by Thursday Oct 18.

>> 6 - Action Items that must be addressed in committee (rather than
>> as part of Focus group later)


>> 7 - Adjourn



Attendence of Voting Members:

Irving Reid Baltimore
Larry Hollowood Bank of America
David Orchard BEA
Krishna Sankar Cisco
Simon Godik Crosslogix
Gil Pilz E2open
Hal Lockhart Entegrity
Robert Griffin Entrust
Tim Moses Entrust
Don Flinn Hitachi
Joe Pato HP
Jason Rouault HP
Maryann Hondo IBM
Chris McLaren Netegrity
Marc Chanliau Netegrity
Prateek Mishra Netegrity
Charles Knouse Oblix
Steve Anderson OpenNetwork
Mark Griesi OpenNetwork
Michael Lyons OpenNetwork
Darren Platt Securant
Jahan Moreh Sigaba
Eve Maler Sun
Aravindan Ranganathan Sun
Bob Blakley Tivoli
Marlena Erdos Tivoli
Sridhar Muppidi Tivoli
Bob Morgan UWashington
Phillip Hallam-Baker Verisign

Attendance of Observers or Prospective Members:

Jeff Bohren OpenNetwork

Membership Status Changes:

Allen Rogers Authentica granted Voting Member status

Steve Anderson
OpenNetwork Technologies
727-561-9500 x241

tel;work:727-561-9500 x241
org:OpenNetwork Technologies
title:Product Architect
adr;quoted-printable:;;13577 Feather Sound Drive=0D=0ASuite 330;Clearwater;Florida;33762;USA
fn:Steve Anderson

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