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Subject: [security-services] Issue: Outreach and rollout plans

I missed you all last week; I'm glad to hear that it was a productive 
meeting.  One thing that apparently didn't get discussed there was outreach 
and rollout.  In today's Focus meeting I talked about some things that I'd 
like to see done in this area.  This message tries to make it a bit more 

In order to ensure that SAML gets the notice it deserves in the development 
community, we need to do some (excuse the M word) marketing, and we have to 
do it right away, before people forget about us.  Even if we're not ready 
to deliver a true beta-quality set of specs by the end of the year, I think 
we should make a real interim delivery -- and make a big splash with it.

There are four full weeks (November 26, December 3, December 10, and 
December 17) before the effective end of the work year.  Here are my 
suggestions for what we should be ready to deliver by December 21:

- Full set of specs/docs, with all the appropriate OASIS and TC boilerplate
   on them and with consistent templates used; PDF should be available at
   a minimum (Bob Blakley)

- At least a couple of notices about goings-on in the weekly OASIS news
   e-zine leading up to this time (Joe Pato)

- Possibly an OASIS press release on the occasion of the delivery (Joe
   Pato in conjunction with Karl Best and Carol Geyer)

- Outreach materials:
   . White paper
   . FAQ
   . Examples of SAML-compliant XML documents

- Updated SSTC website pointing to all of this, plus the latest press and
   implementations (Joe Pato)

Does this seem reasonable?

Only the outreach materials are completely new and don't have owners.  As I 
mentioned on the call today, I'm working on a SAML technical overview 
presentation, and I know others of us have written white papers and given 
talks.  I think someone needs to turn this stuff into a TC-authored 
paper.  I can't offer to do this myself, but I can offer to edit what 
someone else has.  It would definitely be nice to have an owner for this 
whole area (I can't offer to do that either :-).

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com

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