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Subject: [security-services] Please read BEFORE formal vote at TC call onNovember 27

Proposal for publication of SAML Profiles and 
Bindings within SSTC 
one aspect of the bindings draft is the provision
of a framework for publication of SAML bindings and profiles by
individuals and companies. Roughly speaking this
reduces to idea that people should be able to publish
specifications that describe different ways of using SAML
within different protocols and frameworks. The key issue
here is that we need a repository for these documents
and some process of submission and publication. Notice
that there is no intent here that the specifications
will be read or discovered by SAML-aware programs; the
goal here is just to facilitate publication and discussion
between vendors and implementors.
There is no formal status for these documents (they are
based on various standards but do not define new ones). They
would have a status similar to "Experimental" within the
Internet Standards process or a "Note" within W3C.

During the next TC con-call (November 27) I am requesting
a formal vote on the following motions:

(1) The SSTC will maintain a web-page titled
"Additional SAML Bindings and Profiles". This page will include
text explaining (1) How to submit a binding or
a profile for publication (2) Additional information
describing the status of such submissions (such
drafts do not have standard status) (3) a list
of drafts received by the SSTC. 

(2) The bindings draft will include a reference to
said page. The draft will not reference a specific 
URL; instead it will direct readers to the SSTC
web page available at Oasis and further direct them
to the "Additional SAML Bindings and Profiles" section within
the SSTC web page.

- prateek mishra

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