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Subject: [security-services] Additional bindings action items

I have previously published a "short-list" of bindings action items
generated at F2F#4 based on my notes.
I am now publishing a supplementary list of additional action items gleaned
from Steve Anderson's and Gil Pilz's excellent "raw notes". I request the
TC chairs to apply appropriate persuasion and coercion to close all of these
items in the next two weeks.  All references to sections and line numbers
to bindings-06.PDF
1. [Bob Blakley] 

*	doc structuring issue: sections 3.1.2 thru 3.1.8 refer to a family
of bindings, where 3.1.9 refers to a specific binding

*	WORK ITEM (BobB): provide text

2. [Jeff Hodges]
Research Cipher suites and related information.

3. [Simon Godik]

Renumber 3.1.9 to 3.2.
 Explain why this section is required in a SAML spec. After all SOAP has
already defined SOAP HTTP binding. Why cant we just point to it.  


4. [Prateek]

Add high-level diagram for web browser profile in Section 4.1.1

5. [Bob Blakley] lines 481-482

Provide revised text that reflects that we are generating a new 20 byte
string for

every new assertion and that these 20 bytes contain somewhere between 20

bytes and 8 bytes of entropy.


6. [Simon Godik] lines 549 - 569

Would like additional text indicating that before Step 6 the source and
destination site could have additional interactions using SAML protocol
(e.g., additional queries).




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