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Subject: RE: [security-services] Core-21

Title: RE: [security-services] Core-21

Eve - Despite repeated assurances that the contribution I made back in August would be incorporated in the "next" draft, it is still missing.  See ...


Now you have taken over the draft, perhaps you would be so good as to include this text in the appropriate spot, so that the group can give it their consideration.  Thanks a lot.  All the best.  Tim.

Tim Moses
Tel: 613.270.3183

-----Original Message-----
From: Eve L. Maler [mailto:eve.maler@sun.com]
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 3:24 PM
To: security-services@lists.oasis-open.org;
Cc: eve.maler@sun.com; pbaker@verisign.com
Subject: [security-services] Core-21

Attached are the core-21 draft and the two schemas.

Phill kindly let me "own" core-21 after he put in the agreed-to technical
changes, and I did a bunch of editorial things to it.  You'll find that the
overall "look" (and, somewhat, the organization) of the core draft has
changed to match the other specs more closely.  My goal was to stick to
changes that were technically neutral (for example, there is still a notion
of single/multiple assertions); if you find any instances where I
accidentally changed a meaning, let me know.

I will separately be making a bunch of substantive comments/questions,
hopefully before tomorrow's meeting so that we can discuss and decide on
some of them.  I believe I'll have time to do a core-22 before I go on
vacation December 13-18 if such is required, and Phill will return from his
IETF meeting after next week, so that will be the handoff point.


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